About Lancaster Plumbing Supplies

With our over 68 years in business, our locally woman certified, owned and operated plumbing supply store will have the right parts for you.

In 1949, our grandparents, Hubert and Margaret Cassingham purchased a small shop of no more than 800 sq. feet. Locals from all over the Antelope Valley would come to purchase plumbing and other industrial supply goods.

In the 1960's, the family business moved to a larger building, gradually adding more space. Eventually, our mom Alice (their daughter), and our Dad Todd would take over the day to day operations of the store as our grandparents had. The store became part of our family history with their accumulated knowledge passed down to us.

Today, Lancaster Plumbing Supplies is still run by our family, which opened the store almost 70 years ago.

What makes us different is our knowledge. We know the products we sell, the application, how it is installed and why. We know what the city and county codes are. Having knowledge about the products makes all the difference.

They just don't make stores like us anymore. Come in, meet the family, and find out what makes us so unique.

5 star ratingBeen here maybe 6 times since being referred by a Home Depot employee who was making up for not having something I needed. They are an old school supply house that have been helpful to this amateur plumber every time I have come in for something and always helped figure out what I needed and at great prices.

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Randy M.